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Winter & Training

Well its that joyous time of year again, winter. When the weather turns to a snowy arctic mess, all my friends leave to warmer better climbing areas, and I stay in Estes Park doing tree work. Well I work when the weather is above 10 degrees and its not shitting down snow.  Last year to […]

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The verdict is in.  Everything has been lost.  I’m going to take that as a sign to start anew though and have moved the site over to and will likely take things in a new direction.  I definitely don’t have a solid vision for things yet, but I hope to establish a good contributor […]

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Had some server issues that the hosts were taking care of and in the midst of that I managed to pretty much lose everything due to my lack of patience and trying to update the wordpress software in the middle of things.  I think I made a backup of things though so I’ll work to […]

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Adventure Time

I just packed up all the shit I think I’ll need for the next year and crammed it into the car.  I jammed my stuff in with an effort to make living in my small toyota matrix for the next while as comfortable and functional as possible.  I’m super psyched and a little nervous, because […]

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I pulled my side out last wednesday sport climbing at the gym. I am getting OLD! I have been losing my shit for the past week now. Last weekend I just went to the anvils and the draw to hang out and take some pictures. Dave crushing Mars Attacks some of the best sandstone in […]

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