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LA County Guidebook

I have basically forgotten that this blog exists.  It’s crazy to look back at it though and see Scientia starting and being reminded of the joy of discovering that we had a ton of local climbs that I had just never known about.  I started climbing in the Santa Monicas in 2011 right before the […]

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I’m still here.

Seems as though all of us have been out doing what we want. Suzu came back with some insights that I, as having never competed in a comp, never thought about. It makes me quite happy to see her come back here and ask some hard questions, provoke some big thoughts, and demand some action. […]

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Wind River Bouldering

Been a bit.  a lot has happened. injuries. heartbreak. drinking. moving, quitting. recovering. healing. alpine climbing. Ice climbing. In August I took a trip to the wind river range to climb and try and establish a new line on mount hooker. It was a trip of firsts for me. first ascents, first time catching a […]

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