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It’s been a couple of months I guess. Mainly been focusing on the LA county bouldering guidebook recently so there’s been lots of days of making maps and taking photos of blank boulders and coming back home to draw lines all over them. Got a few areas completed already and I’m pretty amped on how […]

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The Swing

Three from the Tunnels from gospl on Vimeo. Started the video a little late on Crocodile Rock Sit, but the start is matched in the hole… **DISCLAIMER.  Crocodile Rock Sit was first done by Devlin after a lot of rainfall led to a flooded stream which took a lot of sand from the bottom of […]

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Creek Beds

I’m really digging the fact that I can bail on work early and get outside for some bouldering in the afternoons with a few hours of sunlight left.  I’ll be making this a regular thing.  Went to the tunnel boulders on Friday with Ethan, Suzu, Brandon, and Marc and fought through the heat.  I had […]

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