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Andrew Takes a Trip

It’s been awhile since I have been able to go on a climbing trip. I was overwhelmed with the possibilities when I was planning a little week long trip. Hueco, Joe’s, Leavenworth, I had no idea. ¬†All I knew was that I wanted to get the fuck out of Colorado. I checked the weather everywhere; […]

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Spring Breakin

Suzu, Tony, Sarah and I went to Indian Creek last week for spring break, and it was amazing. We climbed every day but one and got on the most ultra-classic lines there. It was like going to Hueco for the first time, where every line is inspiring and all grades are super fun. It was […]

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The Creek

Tried my hand at some splitter cracks last weekend at indian creek. All the lines there are super inspiring and beautiful. I was able to lead a 5.9, 5.10-, and a 5.10. The last lead got a little spicey at the top and I thought I was going to get my first lead whipper but […]

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