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Same, same.

Long time since I’ve been round these parts.   Things are the same, but different; I have a full time job now, thanks to a good pal. I’ve been training like mad. I’ve climbed a few things. I almost blew up an ankle in Colorado (cursed). The seasons are changing and that has everyone excited […]

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The Banquet

Looking to try a new line, after some raving opinions, I went out yesterday to the hinterlands with Thomas and Matt.¬†They had both put a session in on the problem earlier this week, and Thomas had pointedly come out the day before and put it down, dubbing it The Banquet. I managed to put it […]

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It’s Almost Here, Already

When the semester ended Dayna and I headed back to Kansas and Missouri with aims to climb on one specific roof, outside of Springfield, Missouri, and in Arkansas. One of the two actually came to fruition. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Before we left, I made some alterations to my vehicle. While I have […]

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Well I forgot that Thursday comes once a week. Therefore, I missed last week and I am little sorry about that, a little.   But, moving on, I actually sent a climb (If I had posted last week you might of known). It has been a long-long-term project of mine. I finally sent the original […]

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Color and Roofs

School has become the foreman, or is, at the very least, trying to. While the semester may deem actions and attentions Monday through Thursday, the weekends still breathe. This last weekend was spent under roofs; big, small, short, and long. We made a new friend, and proceeded to take her to all the major roofs¬†(Read: […]

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I’ve been lazy.  Dragged the family out to get some climbing done in Flagstaff about three weeks ago and just got around to editing the little bit of footage that we captured while we were there this weekend.  Had a lot of fun, but next time I’m going to have to actually train before I […]

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