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Printed the new shirts and sewed up some chalk bags.  Got to love that color!  If by chance you wanted to buy a shirt we added a Paypal button too.  $20 shipped to your door (assuming you’re in the US.  If you’re not we’ll work something out).  If you want to see all the designs […]

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Ethan and I screenprinted the first batch of shirts and I think they turned out really well.  Need to figure out how to set something up on the site so that we can try to sell some goods.  For now, just email us at if for some reason you’re interested in a shirt and […]

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Since I haven’t been getting outside nearly as much as I’d like recently I’ve taken to sewing up chalkbags and brainstorming designs for shirts to screenprint.  I gave away a handful of chalkbags at the Reel Rock Tour show last night (which went really well I thought) and am starting to compile a stack of […]

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