I’m still here.

Seems as though all of us have been out doing what we want.

Suzu came back with some insights that I, as having never competed in a comp, never thought about. It makes me quite happy to see her come back here and ask some hard questions, provoke some big thoughts, and demand some action.

The Boss has been creating and designing and doing what he does.

Now what have I been doing? Bashing my head against the same routine. Thinking, saving, training, climbing, and reading. That about sums it up. But its been good. After a number of finger injuries and some general body failures over the last few years, I think I’ve found the base of most of my physical issues, and I really am quite hopeful that 2016 can be a year in which climbing isn’t mired in injury and therefore frustration.


However, Dayna, my lady, has just been sent to the bench by the Doc for three or so months, so climbing and training are going to be quite different for the next bit. It’s always hard to express to someone whose injured how much you can relate, especially when you feel like the warm spot you left never really gets to cool off before you find your butt pasted on the bench once again. However since she now knows the issue, and can dive into some PT hopefully she’ll get her shoulder sorted out and get back to progressing and feeling good while climbing.


This blog writing thing can be hard.


Here have some videos of recent things.

Here is one more slam from Drop Zone


A video posted by Tyler Wade (@t_w_w_) on


And a photo


Photo by Casey Langstroth

Photo by Casey Langstroth


I do want to mention that the send of Drop Zone Center, in tandem with the infamous Pat, was a really really really good feeling. It had been one of those problems I thought about with some regularity but never really thought that I could make something happen. To send alongside a good friend and to realize the possibilities some of this constant training has potentially offered is why we do it.


Make it happen and then try to do that again. And again. And again. Indefinitely.



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