Wind River Bouldering

Been a bit.  a lot has happened. injuries. heartbreak. drinking. moving, quitting. recovering. healing. alpine climbing. Ice climbing.

In August I took a trip to the wind river range to climb and try and establish a new line on mount hooker. It was a trip of firsts for me. first ascents, first time catching a fish, first time using pack horses, first alpine climb, first big wall, first back country trip. All in all it was awesome. So awesome I have been shifting my focus pretty much only on alpine climbing and have been learning how to ice and mix climb. Also I have a trip planned to patagonia this winter. I’m pretty excited about that and have my fingers crossed to get a good weather window. anways heres some photos from the trip to the winds and also some photos from work. Also a little satirical bouldering video josh and I came up with back in the winds.






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