Same, same.

Long time since I’ve been round these parts.


Things are the same, but different;

I have a full time job now, thanks to a good pal.

I’ve been training like mad.

I’ve climbed a few things.

I almost blew up an ankle in Colorado (cursed).

The seasons are changing and that has everyone excited for the temperatures and worried they aren’t quite strong enough to finish off some old, and new, business.

I’ve read some good books.

Oh, I finished Grad School…that was a while ago though, jeez.

I got to climb with/meet the boss (read Matt) himself a few month back, that was really good.

Visions of mobility and granite are on the brain. Who knows.


Here are some videos from this summer when all I did was sit under roofs and bark with the rest of the hounds. If you can’t join them, might as well do it alone.




All in all I’m pleased.


Just do it to do it.

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