It’s been a couple of months I guess. Mainly been focusing on the LA county bouldering guidebook recently so there’s been lots of days of making maps and taking photos of blank boulders and coming back home to draw lines all over them. Got a few areas completed already and I’m pretty amped on how it’s turning out so far.  Hopefully at some point I’ll be able to post a sample of the thing here before we release it officially.

Outside of that, I’ve decided to get back to the roots of this thing and put more focus on the content.  I’ve been getting out a lot more with the guidebook work so there’s really no reason that I shouldn’t be able to at least throw up some pictures every couple of weeks.  I’ll do do some shirt/hat designs when I’m really amped on things and some film screenings when the opportunity is there, but the main focus will be getting outside as much as possible and getting some photos along the way.  If you run into me outside somewhere and you’re nice to me, I may have some shirts to give you.


Carnage at Purple Stones. If I ever come up on the people doing this it isn’t going to be pretty. I can only imagine that these people are in 5th grade.


Brett | Purple Pyramid


Wil succumbing to gravity on Crawdaddy




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