It’s Almost Here, Already

When the semester ended Dayna and I headed back to Kansas and Missouri with aims to climb on one specific roof, outside of Springfield, Missouri, and in Arkansas. One of the two actually came to fruition. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Before we left, I made some alterations to my vehicle. While I have a lot of love for my crashpads, they are not particularly the most comfortable thing to sleep on. And, since I want to pretend to be an adult some days, I figured I could put a few dirtbaggish ways behind me and actually have something comfortable to sleep on at night. In light of this, with a bit of motivation and the outstanding help and finesse of my good pal Elliot, I managed to loft the back of my Honda Element, and fit a folding full size bed. Add four inches of memory foam and you arguably have yourself a “luxurious” Hotelement (word play). I’ve added a few pictures below. They will not tell you how I built it, or really give you any idea what is actually going on, but I reserve the right to withhold the ingenuity expressed within our newly renovated sleeping quarters. However, the pictures may or may not express the comfort in which we find ourselves these days.

Oh, we also purchased a roof top carrier to expand our storage capacities. (We have so many things!)


View form the front. The light at the end of the tunnel is just a bright white car, this picture does not contain a visual of salvation.

View from the front. The light at the end of the tunnel is just a bright white car, this picture does not contain a visual of salvation.



Check that organization, and that big pillow I bought from a garage sale in Joe's Valley a few years back...

Check that organization, and that big pillow I bought from a garage sale in Joe’s Valley a few years back…


If you’re really truly interested in the construction of this bed I suggest sending an email (to someone, not me) and then cruising blogs (not this one) and forums, and then just go for it. Seriously.


So back to the initial story. After bouncing back and forth between Lawrence, KS and Gladstone, MO, from family gatherings, to lunches, to dinners, to Christmases, to gyms, and so forth Dayna and I and the forecast deemed that Arkansas was out of the picture, but that we had two days to go check out the roof. So we did.

I had reached out before our drive home to gather some more specific information on its location and such, and ended up with a personal tour with some good guys. Thanks again Connor!

In talking to Connor a few days before heading down to Springfield, he told us that the roof was most likely wet, but that we could huck a hailmary and just hope for the best. Since we had driven all the way home to climb we figured we might as well make the effort. After  driving deeper into southern Missouri woods than I expected and shuffling down a short hill, we found the roof, covered in moss, icicles, and partially wet. Luckily the climb I was most interested in was dry the first 93%. Long story shortish, I made fairly quick work of Icicles and Bicycle, established by Paul Robinson a few years ago. Though a bit contrived, being able to climb something relatively hard, especially a roof, in a home state of mine was well worth the drive. I was able to skip the original crux with one large move and a tenuous bicycle to make the match. Low and behold, the climb was aptly named.


The roof couldn't ever be on fire, far too icy.

The roof couldn’t ever be on fire, far too icy.


Ultimately I couldn’t top out due to the last 7%. But I’ll take a partial send and just be ok with what the climb was, and how I managed to get to climb on it. Therefore keep your grumbling to snarky kibitzing.





The rest of this winter break, after getting back to Flag, has involved training, sport nonsense, and some sandstone. Here are some pictures.



Jill in Sedona

Jill in Sedona



Spencer on Negra Modelo

Spencer on Negra Modelo


The new and final semester begins on Monday. Oh joy. Here’s to the last five months of my graduate career! Therefore, until I find time to post again, or do something throughly impressive, bask in the glory that is this post…too much? Probably. Whatever. Take or leave it, or just finish reading this and shrug.

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