New Year

The Los Angeles sector of this thing has been pretty stagnant for the past few months and I apologize for that.  It’s been a combination of laziness in terms of taking my camera out or uploading pictures and just not getting a ton due to kids and other responsibilities.  This is the new year though so I’m looking to change things and will be trying to be more diligent about posting up.  Does anyone really even read this anyways?

Other than my general blog laziness, I’ve signed on with Dimit and Bill to co-author the LA county bouldering guide so I’m pretty excited about that.  There’s a TON of work to be done but I’m really looking forward to this project.  Maybe I’ll just start using this platform to post guidebook related information in terms of areas that we’re going to cover and general timeline for the release of the guide as we move along in case you’re interested in that sort of thing.

Anyways,  enough with that.  Here’s some pictures from the past few months in LA county.

alcove 1

Jorge on Swig’s Alcove

alcove 2

Jorge making the big move on Dooley Noted


Brett on the opening Moves of Bow Spirits at Horse Flats


Shaun – Miniholland


Trevor making moves



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