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It’s been awhile since I have been able to go on a climbing trip. I was overwhelmed with the possibilities when I was planning a little week long trip. Hueco, Joe’s, Leavenworth, I had no idea.  All I knew was that I wanted to get the fuck out of Colorado. I checked the weather everywhere; Hueco looked hot, Leavenworth looked rainy, Joe’s looked good, but did I really wanna go to Joe’s, I have already done a lot of the easier ones that I wanted to do and I have spent a pretty good amount of time there. No I didn’t want to go to Joe’s to project. I can project all day long in Colorado and I wanted a climbing vacation without the mundane tiresome process of failling, failling, failling, to succeed eventually, once you beat yourself into submission.

So I decided I would check out Indian Creek Bouldering. I knew my buddy Chris, who developed some boulders there last spring, was headed out again the same time as me so I gave him a call and asked if he would be psyched to show me around. He said of course and that it would be “swicked.”  Sounded good to me. new boulders. beautiful landscape and being in the remoteness of Indian Creek.


It was the type of trip that I really wanted, to look at new boulders, appreciate climbing for climbings sake, and appreciate the cool shapes of the boulders you get to cimb on. not crux out on the fact that you can’t send your project or then fall into the hopeless spiral of thinking you suck because you measure yourself solely on your climbing performance, not really but sometimes I do fall into this rabbit hole.

The trip was great. I didn’t come away with any really hard sends. I did do some cool boulders, I got to see new boulders, had fun climbing, got to hang out with cool mellow people, didn’t see or climb with anyone who wasn’t with us, and lived a very quite, simple life while I was there.  Tons of time to philosophize, read, cook, and just to appreciate beautiful places in the world like Indian Creek, where you can forget about the other tragedies of the modern world. spiral that you suck at everything because you measure yourself based on your climbing performance. not really, but sometimes it feels like it and its easy to fall into that rabbit hole.

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