Hard to believe it’s been 9 weeks since I began this whole shindig. Actually, it’s been more like 11 as I’ve missed a week or two, here or there. This week had a bit more going on though. Not a lot. But a bit more.


I was able to put up a new problem in the Grey Havens, and I’m quite proud of it. My good pal Caleb found the roof a couple weeks back, and we went to try a new Matt Gentile Addition dubbed ‘Kansas City Shuffle’. After acknowledging the scary and committed nature of the top out, Caleb pointed to an undone line on the left side. I gave it a few goes. Figured out a walk through to bomber toe hooks. Cleaned the top. And managed to do it after a few tries from the bottom. I named it ‘Free State’ so as to continue the Kansas theme. (On another note the KC Royals have been doing great things recently, and I’m feeling quite a bit of KC Pride these last few days.)

I, like many people, have put up random boulder problems in areas that no one will ever likely go back to, let alone climb on. But this time it felt like it has the potential to see some repeats, though not necessarily in the immediate future. Who knows it might only seem great because I was lucky enough to do it first, you know that whole only a mother could love it thing… Either way I was/am psyched. It has compression, tension, toe hooks, a knee bar, and some stellar underclings. Can’t ask for much more than that.


I took video. It was a bad angle. Its not important anyway.


However! I did take a nice picture of Caleb working the toe hook section, and so we have the 9th installment of Black and White Thursdays:


Caleb on Free State

Caleb on Free State



The rest of the week has been spent grading, reading, and writing. Oh Joy. But I saved this picture from last week to post, as today is Stevie’s birthday, and everyone deserve a picture of themselves on their birthday.




In proper fashion, Dayna and I took Stevie to breakfast this morning and I need to finish sitting and recuperating from the copious amounts of food that MartAnnes serves. Its been a good day.


Until next Thursday, or sooner, or something.


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