Last week my computer had to go to the doctor and I missed my post. Oh well, I’m pretty sure this week’s is significantly better. We’ll never really know though. Will we? Blah

So let’s see, what has happened in the last two weeks? Um, the first possibly annual Flagstaff Roof Rally happened. I went out with the intention of taking lots of cool pictures. However, I ended up just spraying beta and chit-chatting. Last weekend Dayna, Stevie, and I took a daring trip to Red Rocks. Though we knew it was early in the season, it was Dayna’s last weekend before the start of her job, and we all wanted a change in scenery. It was well worth it. We went star hunting and only climbed on problems with at least one star. I felt a little like Mario. We met a local, who gave us the scoop on some lesser-known boulder problems, and I’m thoroughly psyched to get up there in 2 or 3 weeks and actually put in some hard effort. I also realized that I can’t crimp worth a nickel. Really at all. Red Rocks tis truly the anti-style of Flagstaff roofs. Gotta step up my crimp game.

Yesterday I went out to Cherry Canyon with my buddy/roommate Spencer and got on a longish term project of mine, Dain’s Bulge. It has one of the elusive crimps in Flagstaff. (A person can go months and months without ever touching a single crimp, here in Flagtown) It’ll go. The temps were phenomenal and my fingers are feeling chipper. October is here, and I’ve been waiting…. dun dun dun duuuuuuuuuu. Weird.



Now the part some of you have been waiting for? The seventh installment of Black and White Thursdays:

A quick snap of Spencer working Truffle Shuffle. Today also happens to be his birthday!

Spencer on Truffle Shuffle

Spencer on Truffle Shuffle


In Red Rocks pictures were slightly elusive. I always seem to forget I brought a camera, or forget to actually use it. It’s strange. I’m sure someone else understands. So mostly we only took pictures at one boulder…. We’ll do better next time. Maybe


Dayna cruising Monkey Bars

Dayna cruising Monkey Bars




Stevie coming dangerously close to sending Monkey Bar Traverse

Dayna caught this picture of Stevie coming dangerously close to sending Monkey Bar Traverse




Stevie on Monkey Bar Right

Stevie on Monkey Bar Right


I also managed to do The Truffle Shuffle yesterday:




Until seven days from now.





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