Well I forgot that Thursday comes once a week. Therefore, I missed last week and I am little sorry about that, a little.


But, moving on, I actually sent a climb (If I had posted last week you might of known). It has been a long-long-term project of mine. I finally sent the original line out Choss Roof, creatively deemed Choss Roof (Aka Boss Roof) V10/11? But like all things the climb has changed, significantly. Holds have gotten bigger, beta has gotten better, and I’ve climbed on it too many times to know if it’s actually hard, or just mentally and morally draining. Though the climb was originally dubbed V11/12, some aggressive brushing has ‘uncovered’ some larger holds making the bottom section, originally thought to be V8, more like V5/6. Why all this humdrum about grades? Well, after standing up on top of this personal best, after ticking something off of my life list, I attempted to put it into a category for myself. Yes, I had been trying this thing off and on, and off again, for almost three years. Yes, I had been drafted to the NFL after some honestly fantastic punting. Yes, the climb had gotten ‘easier’. But still, it took me this long. So I had an internal dialogue with myself, found some unpleasant ideas about the whole situation and decided upon nothing. I can’t grade this climb (though I did log it on 27crags…). I can’t compare its difficulty to other climbs I’ve done or tried. It’s become an enigma. And so it’ll remain. (Too much? Whatever.)


But here is the 5th installment of Black and White Thursdays, a week late, and a little blurry, but important (to me) all the same. I didn’t try to film the send, I thought it too presumptive, seeing as I didn’t expect to do it this go, or that day. But my ladyfriend grabbed this shot, and I feel it captures the whole relationship. Struggle. Struggle. Fail. Fail. Sigh of relief. Burrito.



The sending slap


I snagged this picture of Dayna, peeking out behind hustling to the hold, last weekend at the Draw.

Dayna working the big slap on Thin Man


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