Round #1

And we’re off!

I’ve recently been resting some achey fingers and waiting for the temperatures to recede. However, with news of Choss Roof finally reopening, now sounds like a good time to step on the gas.¬†However, Flagstaff is in the midsts of some fluctuations, as buddies are leaving in chunks, like want-to-be ice burgs in search of their own Titanic. ¬†On the other hand, one special lady moves up in a few weeks and I’m mega psyched. As Flagstaff shifts around so too will the seasons, and schedules. School is a Peeping Tom these days.

Enough rambling. Here is the first installment of Black and White Thursdays. Taken last weekend at Priest Draw.

Spencer on Street Fighter



And a so-long to Davram!

Dave working overhaul this last weekend.

Dave working Overhaul this last weekend.


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