Summer Heat

With a summer of heat, website catastrophes, minor injuries, and work I have yet to post to this new, and quite shiny, blog. I seemingly forgot how warm summer could be, even here in Flagstaff at seven thousand feet, and have been struggling. Hard. Climbing has been balls hard recently, with nothing but agony and almosts to show for it. In addition I’ve also had a bit of a dry spell in sending, but found a renewed psyche in photography. Enough.


This weekend began with a wholehearted celebration of our country’s independence. Whisky and sass were ubiquitous.  Climbing Saturday was hard, as stomachs and heads protested. Despite obvious excuses we trudged out to Priest Draw, and slogged through normal warm ups. That was enough.

Dayna resting after the 4th.

Dayna resting after the 4th.


Yesterday, Sunday to be precise, found my ladyfriend (Dayna) and I back out at the draw. Climbing was again hard. Dayna struggled, wrangling with a new project, while I floundered through a petty circuit. We left, made some delicious lentil tacos, and that was that.

This morning, I wrestled up some psyche and went out to a new bit of development with Matt Gentile. He showed me his newest addition (Overhaul) and I gave some solid efforts, but thoroughly flash pumped myself and began flailing. We moved on to clean a new death-defying roof, and left shortly after.

Matt repeating Overhaul.

Matt repeating Overhaul.

Cleaning. Chuckin' Rocks.

Cleaning. Chuckin’ Rocks.


While the rain outside has allowed me to produce a rather wallowing tale of something related to climbing, fear not. Monsoons have arrived, the temps are dropping and psyche is slowly hoboing its way back to Flagstaff. I recently adopted Magic Lantern into my photo repertoire and I’m quite excited to peruse its possibilities. I promise forth to have upbeat and positive posts. Unless I go bouldering, which is dominantly failing, and am forced to wallow a bit more. What else can ya do?

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