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Round #1

And we’re off! I’ve recently been resting some achey fingers and waiting for the temperatures to recede. However, with news of Choss Roof finally reopening, now sounds like a good time to step on the gas. However, Flagstaff is in the midsts of some fluctuations, as buddies are leaving in chunks, like want-to-be ice burgs in […]

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Start of Something?

In my newly developing, and seriously one-sided, relationship with the blogosphere, I’ve heard rumblings that is it not entirely the quality of a post, but the frequency, and expectability (made that word up). Not unlike Sunday funnies. While I never intentionally follow the funnies, I did often indulge when Saturday Morning Cartoons were over, as […]

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Summer Heat

With a summer of heat, website catastrophes, minor injuries, and work I have yet to post to this new, and quite shiny, blog. I seemingly forgot how warm summer could be, even here in Flagstaff at seven thousand feet, and have been struggling. Hard. Climbing has been balls hard recently, with nothing but agony and […]

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