Besides losing everything, nothing has really been going on besides me trying to regain strength and fitness lost from my two years of injuries and taking care of family stuff.  I’ve mainly been participating is midnight training sessions on the homewall as soon as the kids go to sleep.  training seems to be paying off though as I’m definitely getting stronger.  This coming winter I’ll be looking to seek revenge on a ton of climbs since I completely missed the last two seasons.  When I have gotten outside recently, I’ve mainly just been keeping local with the exception of Tahquitz a a couple times where I just got extremely humbled.  Endurance and crack technique are not my forte for sure.  On the local front, I’ve been doing a lot of google map searching and have riddled the Santa Monica Mountains with pins that I intend to explore this summer.  Really hoping that I can stumble across a motherlode somewhere, but I’d be happy with a just few good quality blocs.  I recently managed to rally a couple of friends out to a section of the Backbone Trail near Topanga to a bloc which I had scoped a few weeks prior. After cleaning a forest of poison oak away from the top of the boulder and cleaning off some of the moss to expose some small edges up top, I pulled on and “The Lowly Henchman” was born. There’s definitely more lines to be had on the boulder, but a horrendous landing would need to be fixed and a mountain of loose dirt and poison oak cleared off the top of the boulder. Maybe I’ll return to finish the others off at some point.


Me on the FA of The Lowly Henchman

In terms of Scientia, I lost a lot of drive for things with my not being able to climb, so now that I’m back I expect my motivation getting high again.  I’m really excited about getting out more regularly and taking more photos and throwing together videos when possible.  Here’s to some a productive summer of training and a good year without injuries!


Wil on a climb at the Temporal Boulders



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