All The Days Are One

I have been in squamish for over a month and a half now and the time has just been flying by.  I have had friends come and go, I have made friends and they have gone and then there are some that have been here the whole time.  Everyday here is fairly similar and they all kind of melt into one.  Wake up, chill in the sun, have some breakfast, have a coffee, chat with people about what there plans are for the day, chill out some more, go climbing, come back to camp, eat dinner and hang out till its time to go to bed.  Through in some internet time at the adventure center, some pool time at the rec center, some sushi at Kozo Cafe, and a few long nights and thats what my life has been like for the past while.

It’s been really nice but I don’t think I could continually live my life like this.  I’m glad of this too since it’s a motivating force to get back to school and try and actually do something, rather than just try and exist doing things that in the end only satisfy me.

Now back to climbing.  I found myself a project that I have been trying for the past few days now.  Its a  45 foot overhang endurance link-up in gibbs cave.  It’s been really nice to climb on steep rock that actually has holds.  The climb is called Something Wicked This Way Comes and it definitely is wicked.  It breaks down into a v8 to a v8 to a decent rest to a scary highball v6 that you have to do totally knackered…Spicy!  I have about 2 weeks left depending on how fast my visa is going to take to get processed so hopefully I can get it done before then.

 Something Wicked This Way Comes
Photo: Robin Sirois

Sunset from the Campground…just ignore the powerlines

Carol on Doubt

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