World Domination

Things have been going pretty well in Squamish as of late.  For the past while I have been battling chronic shoulder problems and got bummed and wasn’t able to climb as much as I would of liked.  Which really sucks when all you have is climbing.  Luckily, I was able to skate still and there is a good crew of people at the campground to hang out with too, which is always nice when you’re bumming.  Because of my bout of not being psyched and wanting something more than a whole year of climbing I decided to go India for 2 months this fall. I bought my ticket and I’m leaving from lax to new delhi on august 22nd.  Im super excited to go on a trip that doesnt revovle around climbing.  I have never done a trip like this before and I think it will be super refreshing.  I’m sure with 2 months of no climbing I wont be able to contain myself when I do get back to the boulders or walls.

Well back to squamish.  I have been climbing pretty well recently and I don’t feel heavy all the time which is always good.  I gave out a shit load of scientia stickers and pretty much everyone at the campground has at least one sticker on their nalgene, stove, or coffee mug.  Scientia is takin over and movin world wide.  I also have been trying to get out and film people and myself sending.  I have been trying to stick to problems that haven’t been showcased in videos before, but are still super classic.  Which is surprisingly easy in squamish because there are so many classics in all grades.  My goal is to make a longer squamish section that doesn’t suck.  Hopefully I can accomplish it haha.

here’s some screen shots of a few of the problems I have so far.

Me on Mo’ Troublems

Sebastien on Send The Pain Below

Keith on This Monkeys Gone to Heaven

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