Although my body was strong enough my mind was weak and I flailed a lot in Squamish.  I always forget how much of a part the mental aspect of climbing contributes to success.  That little bit of doubt will eat away whatever chance you have in succeeding.  Time to read Revelations and again, then With Winning in Mind.  If you haven’t read Jerry Moffatt’s Revelations I strongly recommend it.  In addition to the tales of climbing, in the book he mentions “With Winning in Mind”  and how it helped him overcome his mental blocks.  I had read it before and it certainly helped me for a while there, but I’ve forgotten some of the key take aways and I’ve been feeling it.  Regardless, I had a great time in Squamish doing a bunch of the easier Top 100 climbs and am amped to put down the harder projects next trip.

 One of the ones that got away

We did manage to get video of several of the sends thatwe managed, so without further ado. 

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