Well, it seems summertime has finally hit squamish.  The weather has been hot and sunny, the campground is crowded, and the parking lot to the chief has been packed with tourists trying to hike the chief.

Ethan and matt made it up to squamish last week and have been trying to get their crush on and I have just been taking it easy and showing them around and just hanging out.  I did manage a little bit of climbing though.  On the fourth of july I decided to get on this highball animal magnetism.  I felt like I had to do something proud that day for america and all.  I was able to send but the camera turned off whilst sending.  So, heres a clip of me grabbing the last hold and letting go cuz I was crippled with fear.         
Just imagine me death screaming while grabbing that hold and scrapping my way to the top and thats what the video would have looked like.

animal magnetism fail from scientia on Vimeo.

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