Funeral Arrangements

I have been steady climbing here in squamtown.  Been mixing it up with trad and bouldering and having a great time.  The highlight of last week was probably going on Millenium Falcon to the belly good ledge on the chief.  It was like 9 pitches or so and almost every pitch was 10+.  I definitely felt out of my comfort zone the whole time especially being on the wall that whole time and being so high up.  Towards the end of the day I felt a bit better but I think it will be awhile before I feel truly comfortable on the wall.
Last week I also finished off one of the last highballs I have been wanting to do in squamish called Funeral Arrangements.  I only had 4 pads and one spot but I said fuck it I got this and went for it.  The climbing ended up to be much less dicey then I expected and I managed to send ‘er first go.  You can’t tell in the video but the landing for this problem is pretty shit.  If you fall going out right after the cross move It seems likely you’d miss the first tier of the landing and land in some talus.

Yesterday I also got out to take some photos on my rest day so I hope you enjoy them and they get you sika sika pscyhed.

Nexen Beach and the Howe Sound

Toby on Superdyke

Matt on Agoraphobia

Squamish Bouldering- Funeral Arrangements from scientia on Vimeo.

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