Desperation Station

I slowly made my way from Leavenworth to Squamish over the past few days.  My first stop on the way was to check out the beautiful Index River Boulders.  I was happy to find that these boulders were as good and as scenic as they appear in Alex Savage’s Western Gold.  After battling the heat and the frictionless stone I managed to send Chutzpah one of the harder lines at the area.  As you can see from the video I had to get a little desperate while fighting the bad temps.

The next day I drove to Seattle and did the whole tourist thing.  My friend Lane, who grew up in the area, was gracious enough to give me a full tour of the city, checking out the space needle, pikes place, and the fremont troll.  Afterwards I stayed at his house and his mom baked me a huge batch of cookies to take up with me to squamish!  Now I’m in squamish and surprise surprise It rained all day yesterday. Now,  I’m patiently waiting for the boulder fields to dry out so I can climb.

The gum wall
Top Pot Doughnut

Desperation Station from scientia on Vimeo.

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