Heatin Up

It looks like the weather in Leavenworth is going to be heating up, so I’m going to be leaving today or tomorrow and make my way north to squamish.  I had a great stay here climbing tons of really fun problems.  I also managed a send of the practitioner, a climb that has been on my lifetime ticklist!  I was super psyched about it, which you can tell from my video.  It’s always funny being so excited that you verbalize it to yourself, even though your in the middle of the woods by yourself.

The solo missions with just my camera have been fun but I’m looking forward to climbing in squamish with friends and hanging out at the campground and just shooting the shit.

with out further ado, the video
Leavenworth Bouldering-The Hesitator, Resurrection, The Sword, The Practitioner from scientia on Vimeo.

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  1. gospl | 2012/06/11 at 00:36 #

    I think that final cut pro goal may come sooner than later. Keep it coming. After seeing the first clip with the OG prototype chalkbag, I immediately sewed you a new bag. Can’t have those old ones out in the wild!

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