It’s been getting hot in Flagstaff and my motivation for climbing has been dwindling.  The past few weeks I have just been messing around on Gluten Free and trad climbing at the forks.  I finally was able to get on one of the best crack climbs Arizona has to offer, the prow.  I also took my first whipper on its neighboring route mutiny on the bounty, a tips layback with slick smeary basalt feet.  I stalled out at the top of the layback section and pumped off.

The most terrifying part of the climb was that the gear is so small and so hard to place.  The whole time you blindly place a piece and it feels like your going to barndoor off the route to your death.  Because of this, I accidently shoved in a piece that was a little to big for the crack, resulting in a shit placement, but I just kept climbing.  So, when I fell my last piece blew and I ended up taking a 15-20 foot fall onto a ledge.  I came out of the experience unscathed but I was definitely shaken up and ended up just aiding through the crux section like a BAWSE!
On a non-climbing related note I graduated from college last week and will be leaving Flagstaff in the next few days.  I had a great experience living here for the past 4 years and will definitely miss the place.  After I go back home to LA for a few weeks, I’ll be embarking on a year-long climbing trip, that I have been saving and looking forward to from the start of college.  I also bought myself a new camera with a video function so I’ll be trying to document the climbs I do and my travels over this next year.

took my brother out star-gazing while he was out for my graduation

Garland Prairie, on the way to the forks, with the San Francisco Peaks in the background

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