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We enjoyed the solitude out in Idyllwild a couple weeks ago.  Great climbs in a great setting.  Looking forward to getting back out there when it’s not super hot.  (Yeah we’ve already got a video with a similar intro, but like I said in the last post, I’ve been lazy.  Things are about to change […]

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I’ve been lazy.  Dragged the family out to get some climbing done in Flagstaff about three weeks ago and just got around to editing the little bit of footage that we captured while we were there this weekend.  Had a lot of fun, but next time I’m going to have to actually train before I […]

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It’s been getting hot in Flagstaff and my motivation for climbing has been dwindling.  The past few weeks I have just been messing around on Gluten Free and trad climbing at the forks.  I finally was able to get on one of the best crack climbs Arizona has to offer, the prow.  I also took […]

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