Spring Cleaning

With the end of the semester coming to a close soon Suzu and I have been cleaning up the house and getting ready to move out at the end of May.  Since I’m graduating and moving away I have been trying to clean-up as many of my old climbing projects and classic boulder problems I over looked.  
Last week I did a pretty bang up job at this.  Like I mentioned before I was able to get out to BVB roof at the beginning of the week and clean these up.  
Wednesday, Tony and I headed back up to the peaks so I could give some go’s on Red Dragon and he could try and finish of Black Panther.  We both were plagued by the pre-send jitters and climbed like shit for the first half of our session.  Once I chilled out I was able to link to the last move but couldn’t stick the last deadpoint.  A few tries later I was able to stick it and take it to the top.  At the end of the session Tony got his shit together and got real close to sending by wrapping his hand around the last hold, but not being able to stick it after the heinous throw to it.

Tony warming up at the peaks
On Friday, we headed out to Drop Zone Center a climb I had actually never even been to.  We gave it some good goes and got all the beta.  Saturday we went back to give it hell and I was able to send after taking some serious whippers off the last jump move.  This was by far one of my best weeks climbing, it’s not very often that you get to send in Flagstaff so I’m super grateful.  Hopefully I can clean-up a few more before I go.
Matt entering the crux of Drop Zone Center
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