BVB Roof

As of late I have been climbing as much as possible and haven’t really been taking much pictures…sorry. All the forest roads opened back up opening more areas. I was most pysched that I can get to try Red Dragon again. I got to try it once so far before last weekends snowstorm came and ruined everything. I was able to make good links so hopefully I can send it before I move away at the end of May. I was got to try Gluten Free at the peaks and deemed it a tall mans problem. I think I could do it but it would be so much more fun if I was like 6’2”. I was able to do the stand which has the coolest move on it so I’m happy with that. Despite the 9 inches of snow we got last weekend Matt and I were able to get two days on the BVB roof. Yesterday I managed to send the bvb roof and sparkle jockey in the same day, and matt was able to send the super sparkle jockey project, which he dubbed Vile Red Falcon.

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