Dacite Endeavors

Lately, I have been trying to get better at climbing on dacite. It seems this rock type people either really like or absolutely hate. For the past few years living in flag I have been in the camp who hates this rock, and I feel its completely warranted. The rock is sharp the lines, the lines not usually that aesthetic, the rock continually crumbles, the climbing contains some amount of funk, and essentially its just big globs of kitty litter. However, since I have neglected it so much and there are certain lines that are kind of cool I guess I have really been making an effort to get better at it. Last week I went to the glorias twice and middle elden twice and I feel like I am actually progressing on this painful technical climbing. On friday I was able to send the coveted entering betsy, and on sunday at the glorias I was able to send the infamous fly swatter, and also dains bulge. I’m not going to say my opinion of these areas has totally changed but, I can appreciate them for being only a 10 minute drive, teaching me how to move on the rock differently, and hosting boulder problems that I can’t crush in a few tries.

Tyler missing the intro dyno on Entering Betsy

Tyler getting real close to sticking the crux deadpoint
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