Spring Breakin

Suzu, Tony, Sarah and I went to Indian Creek last week for spring break, and it was amazing. We climbed every day but one and got on the most ultra-classic lines there. It was like going to Hueco for the first time, where every line is inspiring and all grades are super fun. It was hard to contain myself running around and just trying to do everything onsight, so I could get on the next classic.
What I really liked about Indian Creek is the remoteness. The closest town is about 45 minutes away. So, you can’t be lazy and eat out, and you have make sure you bring plenty of water. It really helped me enjoy the desert scenery and the simplistic lifestyle of a climbing trip with good friends.
In the end I sent a ton of classics, got really comfortable going for it on gear, and had one of the best climbing trips I have had in awhile.

Sarah on Layaway Plan

Sarah right after crushing her fingers on Cat Burglar

Tony gunning for Swedin Ringle

The three pitch tower we climbed on the last day. And they are just beginning the 2 hour approach up all those mesas to the base of the climb.
Photo: skisickness.com

Looking out of the squeeze chimney on the final pitch. This is where I lost my shit, I couldnt place a piece for the whole chimney and I could barely get my fat ass in there.
Photo: mountainproject.com

Suzu going for her first lead on Binou’s Crack

Tony sending Anunnaki
photo: Suzu Jeffery

Me sending the same
photo: Suzu Jeffery

photo: Suzu Jeffery

The night before we climbed that tower in the background
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