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Since I got back to Flag I haven’t really been bouldering at all. I have mainly been trad climbing and running laps upon laps on the cracks at the gym. This weekend I was able to make it out to the waterfalls area. The climbing is an interesting mix between crack climbing and stemming and just all around funk. I was able to lead my first 11 that day so I was pretty psyched. The next day Suzu, Tony, Sarah, and I went down to sedona to do a little 4 pitch tower. Suzu and I went up first where I linked the first two pitches together. Tony and Sarah went up after us as a second party. It was a pretty awesome experience to be the rope gun up this thing, even though Tony and Sarah were behind us in case anything happened. I lead all the pitches and setup all the anchors like a bawse and Suzu got to do her first multi-pitch.

The view from the base of the 5.11 I lead. Those basalt columns form an amphitheater that wrap all around to where this picture was taken.

The amazing sunset we saw right when we hiked back down to the base of the route.

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This is the chose tower we climbed. It starts in the very left crack system and makes its way to the first ledge below the floating egg. Then, you do one more pitch to top out the egg.
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