Last Sends of the Year

I had a really good day the last day of the year. Fresh off a rest day Robin and I woke up super psyched to go try and send Xavier’s roof. After drinking 20 gallons of coffee I was jumping off the wall listening to horrible gangsta rap music, this is when I knew crushing was about to commence. We warmed up and I was able to send it first try doing the last move almost static. It was great to have everything come together and feel in the flow again. Robin was able to send shortly after, and we went to project number 2, zen flute. It was baking in the sun and the patina was slippery as shit. I battled for a bit and was able to somehow pull out a send. Then we went to the main buttermilks area which was a total shit show full of yahoos and kooks. We went to fall guy and there was probably 500 people trying it. I was really motivated to just send it and get the hell out of there. I sent 2nd try and headed around the corner to give robin some moral support on stained glass. He got super close and I got my ass humbled which was a great end to a good day of crushing.

Today was a rest day and I went to the druid stones to hang out with some old friends. It was a great time to just hang out and catch up. Now, tomorrow hopefully I can send my new project Haroun and the Sea of Stories.

Brandon at the Druids
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