Homewall & Horse Flats

It’s been a busy couple of weeks.  Scientia HQ moved into a new house at the beginning of the month and the first order of business was a home wall in the garage.  If I can’t climb outside as much as I’d like I might as well start dedicating myself to some serious training for make the outside ventures actually count.  The angle turned out to be ~50 degrees from vertical.  Looking forward to breaking through some plateaus.  Now that the wall is 99% done it’s gotten a little harder to finish that last little bit since we can already climb on it but hopefully that’ll be done tomorrow.  Going to be screenprinting a new batch of shirts soon too so email us if you want one.

And after a couple month hiatus, I made it outside wth Ethan to enjoy the solitude of Horse Flats.  We climbed a bunch of problems and Ethan made an impressive second go send of Blank Generation.    I managed a repeat of The Sword too so I guess I’ve managed to maintain some of my strength through will power alone.  Video below shows our adventures for the day….

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