I Sold Out

Suzu and I decided to compete in this comp in Phoenix last weekend and we rounded up a little crew of other Flagstaff climbers to go down. It was normal competition setting, full of kneebars, rose moves, campusing, uncomfortable climbing where everything feels wrong, and sideways dynos. The main motivation for me was trying to get the first place prize of $750 dollars. I tried my damndest to crush throughout the 2 hour qualifying redpoint round, the onsight semifinal round, and the onsight final round. In the end I just didn’t have what it took. After a marathon day of competing on contrived comp climbs I lost in finals to Michael Bautista. But, really I couldnt imagine a better person to lose to, besides maybe his brother. These kids are super supportive, nice and just all around awesome, so I wasnt too bummed. Especially since I did come home with a cool $400 for second place.

Pretty good for the first comp after not competing since I was 17. It will probably be another good while before I do another because it kinda really wasnt fun at all. I really just wanted to make money and get the hell out of phoenix. Which is a super lame reason to climb and train for something. Id much rather be competing against myself on an immaculate piece of rock in the woods with a few good friends.
Suzu did pretty well, getting second in the womens advanced field, with our friend Kim who came down with us coming in right behind her for third. Suzu got 50 bones and Kim got 25 whooohooo!
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