met ethan, darryl, chris, and some friends from flagstaff in joes last weekend. I was super pysched to go there since it had been a year since the last time and I felt like I made some progress in my climbing since then. So going there would be a good benchmark to measure my progress, regardles of joes being notoriously soft. Also I could get some delicious butterfinger donuts from the food ranch, no joes trip is complete without one.

Before I went I made a list of potential boulder problems I would want to try, thinking I would just session a few of the them and not actually send them all. Getting there and climbing the first day I did three of the problems on my first day and the first two I did first try, so I was pretty psyched to see how this trip was going to pan out. In the end I did everything on the list plus some. It was awesome to just walk up to boulders look at the holds tell yourself the holds are good you can hold them and you can just do so just get it done and move onto the next one. Its also great to finally have such a big progress after so many tiny breakthroughs.
heres the spray list
Day One
Beyond Life v10
Eden v9/10
Man From the Past v10/11
Day Two
Trent’s Mom v10
Skeleton Key v10/11
They Call Him Michael v10
Jitterbug Perfume v10
Ghost King v10
Day Three
Poseidon v8
My friend Tyler who came with us got footage of almost all the sends and he is goin edit together a little video, so keep checkin back for that. Also if you couldnt tell from lack of pictures on this post I didnt take a single one. I was solely consumed with objective number one…crushing.
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