Its been pretty rainy in flag lately so I have just been training in the gym and at my friend Tony’s new wall. Its pretty nice to know a friend with a homewall, and be able to set things for your weaknesses. The wall is 65 degrees 8 feet wide and 10 feet long. I have been watching a lot of videos lately to stay psyched, except they havent been videos of climbing since all the climbing media coming out right now is pretty sub par for creating psych, and you can only watch dosage 1, free huece, rampage, and all the other assorted good segments from the dosages and progression so much. So I have started watching skateboarding clips and this one guy who does trial bikes. Gets me pretty psyched to master the skills of rock crushing, like these dudes mastered skating and biking.
Brandon Westgate killing it:
Torrey Pudwill killint it:
Danny Macaskill trial biking:
Enjoy and hopefully this will get you psyched to crush your projects too!
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