The Swing

Three from the Tunnels from gospl on Vimeo.

Started the video a little late on Crocodile Rock Sit, but the start is matched in the hole…

**DISCLAIMER.  Crocodile Rock Sit was first done by Devlin after a lot of rainfall led to a flooded stream which took a lot of sand from the bottom of the climb making it possible.  A hold breakage has made it a bit more difficult but the line is basically the same as when it first went up.  The lower extension adds about 3-4 moves into the Crocodile Rock… which is a great line in itself.  Devlin renamed the climb at the time of his FA as Captain Hook as he saw fit.  The sit I feel is an obvious sit start to the already well established Crocodile Rock and I have included it in the video as Crocodile Rock Sit.  There’s always going to be a difference of opinions on whether or not adding a sit version of a climb should rename it, but I’m in the camp of adding Sit/SDS to a logical extension  Regardless of the name, the line is a classic. 

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